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1. About Connect

No, each screen connects directly to Microsoft Exchange or Google G Suite calendars to retrieve booking information. The Cloud Portal is used for your configuration and reporting but is managed by our technical team.

The Connect Cloud portal is a multi-tenanted application hosted in the cloud using Microsoft’s Azure hosting service. Leverages the same Azure-cloud components that underpin Skype and Bing. The Microsoft Azure platform guarantees excellent security standards of our customer data.

Being multi-tenanted, all Connect customers reside within one instance of the Connect Cloud software, but their data is fully segregated. There is no booking information or Microsoft Exchange or Google account information stored in the Connect Cloud application.

Condeco operates an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified in accordance with the ISO 27001:2013 standard, Condeco provides outstanding information security, improved security and efficiency within IT processes.

Processor: Dual core ARM A9, 1GHz Processor

Memory: 1GB 64 bit DDR3

Storage: 8GB NAND Flash

Display: 10.1”, 24 bit LCD capable of reproducing 16.7M colours

Touch Panel: Capacitive Multi touch

Power: Power Over Ethernet(POE) and 12 Volt power supply

RGB LED indication: Optimised and redesigned for 180 degree visibility

Remote Kernel SW update: New features and SW updates can be pushed remotely to the screen

Wired Network: 10/100/1000 Ethernet

Power Key: Yes, on the back to Shut down / Restart the unit

RFID Interface: Support for 125KHz and 13.5 MHz RFID cards

Bluetooth: Beacons for mobile availability is provided using on-board BLE device

You can power the screen using a 12v power supply adapter or a Power Over Ethernet cable. These power sources are simply plugged into the available ports on the back of the screen.

Connect supports a wide range of RFID access cards based on 125 KHz and 13.5 MHz frequencies. Most cards from the following vendor ranges are supported:

  • HID Prox
  • HID iClass
  • Mifare
  • Desfire

2. Setting up Connect

When you turn on your Connect screen for the first time, you will be prompted to follow a step-by-step activation process, using the screen and the Cloud Portal. Provided you have set up Microsoft Exchange or Google G Suite Calendars correctly it should take you under a minute to set up a room and about 2 minutes to set up a screen.

Each room can be set up individually against a location and a floor in the Cloud Portal. For each room a Microsoft Exchange or Google G Suite mailbox address is required. For Microsoft Exchange you will need the account information and password. The password must be set to not expire.

Your Cloud Portal will be automatically configured for you by us. When you place your order you will be sent login information to your portal and configure your screens.

The Cloud Portal is the main administration interface for Connect. Here admins can see reports, manage screens and users, and adjust settings.

These are the settings for the screens. Parameters that can be set are:

  • Business days and hours
  • Booking policy: The screens can be set up in different ways to enable or disable booking on the screen
  • Authentication: The screens can be set to ask for user authentication for Book, Start or Check in, End, Extend
  • Check in on screen: The screens can be set to ask users to check in when arriving at the room, to the time period allowed for check in you can configure as required.
  • Privacy Settings: The screen can be set not to show the meeting title for all meetings or ‘Private’ as desired.

All bookings are already in the room calendar and users can be set up manually or imported.

3. Using Connect

Users can register for an account from the screen.

If authentication is not required, users will not see the register option for the screen.

To register, users enter their name and email. The domain is selectable from a list of allowed domains for the client account. They are then sent an email from the Cloud Portal that gives them access to a unique PIN. This PIN can be used to make booking or register an RFID card.

To register an RFID card, start a booking, present an RFID card, and then enter their PIN.

We have a mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

The Connect mobile app enables users to search for rooms nearby. The search results show the user the room availability for the next 8 hours, and allow them to book a room.

Reports can be accessed from the Cloud Portal.  The available reports are:

  • Total number of meetings average time of meeting
  • Bookings on screen / as total percentage of bookings
  • Number of no shows
  • Hours gained cancelling no-shows
  • Average room utilisation per day as percentage
  • Overall room utilisation as percentage
  • Most used rooms
  • Least used rooms

Bookings can be amended in the connected Calendar.

4. Connect Ordering and Delivery

You can place an order online and our sales team will be in touch, alternatively give us a call on 0800 888 6860 or via live chat.

Your screens will be delivered within 5 working days.

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