How it works

Connect enables you to simplify the entire meeting room booking experience.

It gives everyone visibility of room availability and the right tools to make and manage their room bookings: right at the room, in Microsoft Outlook™ or Google Calendars™, and on their mobile phones.

If you already use room calendars in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendars, everyone stays in a familiar environment. If not, you’ll find it easy to set up room calendars and get started with Connect.

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Room ScreenRoom Screen

Room Screen

No more conflicts or confusion. With Connect screens outside your rooms everyone can clearly see if the room is booked or free, and book the room right there and then.



Making a booking is simple as the touch of a button. Select the start and end time of your meeting to book the room. The screen can be set up to require authentication, or accept bookings without.

Check InCheck In

Check In

Do your colleagues have a habit of not showing up? Ask the meeting host to check in. Connect can automatically cancel bookings that have not been checked in to, freeing up the room for others to use.

Extend & EndExtend & End

Extend & End

Need more time in the room or want to finish early? Amend your booking on the screen in a few simple steps.

RFID Card ReaderRFID Card Reader

RFID Card Reader

Want to know who is booking what? Ask users authenticate by touching their RFID enabled access card on the in-built card reader. The screen works with a wide range of cards.

LED Status LightsLED Status Lights

LED Status Lights

No more wandering corridors looking for available meeting rooms. Bright LED status lights that are visible from a distance and 180 degrees show clearly if a room is free or booked.



Give your screens a unique look with screen themes. You can apply a theme to a single screen, a group of screens, or your entire office. Change a space for an event, or a client visit – all in the matter of seconds.

Mobile AppMobile App

Mobile App

The Connect mobile app helps everyone find meeting rooms wherever they are. Fast.

Home ScreenHome Screen

Home Screen

See your next meeting, make a booking, or check into your room when near the room screen’s beacon.



Need some extra time in the room? The app checks if the room is free and extends you meeting, or finds another room that’s free. Simple.

Room SearchRoom Search

Room Search

Want to find a room nearby? The app looks out for the in-screen Beacons to establish where you are, and finds you available meeting rooms in seconds.

Room CalendarsRoom Calendars

Room Calendars

When things are getting busy, room calendars make it easy to find available slots and make a booking in seconds.

My MeetingsMy Meetings

My Meetings

Want to add a room to a meeting? Just select a meeting and add a room. Done.

Outlook Room FinderOutlook Room Finder

Outlook Room Finder

The Microsoft Outlook Room Finder widget helps find a room in seconds. Simply select the room you’d like to invite to the meeting and you’re done.

Room ListRoom List

Room List

Just set up your preferred location, and on the push of a button we show a list of rooms that are free for your meeting.

Room SuggestionsRoom Suggestions

Room Suggestions

If there is little availability, you can get a view of room availability throughout the day. Just select the room, and the Room Finder reschedules the meeting for you.

Administration PortalAdministration Portal

Administration Portal

Everything you need to manage and monitor your rooms can be done centrally in the Administration Portal, with no software install required on-site, it’s all in the Cloud.

Administration Portal features

Energy saver

Decide when your room screens operate when they are on standby to save energy.

Free up space

Auto-cancel bookings when people don’t check in for the meeting.

Screen themes

Give your screens a unique branding with screen themes.

User management

Manage users and bulk import users for the first time.

Booking access

Define who can book, and how people can book on screens.


See which rooms are used the most and the least, and how many no-shows you had.

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