Getting started

Setting up Connect is easy. To start, you order the number of screens you need for your meeting rooms. Connect runs as a simple, flexible subscription service, scaling with your business.

Once you have ordered the screens, you’ll receive an email with instructions how to get everything set up. First you have to set up your meeting rooms as calendars in Exchange, Office 365, or G Suite, if you have not done so already.

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Setting up rooms and settings

In the Cloud Portal, you can set up all your rooms, and how you’d like things to work. For example, you can ask users to check in on the room screen and cancel bookings if they haven’t arrived.

Or you can give all your screens funky backgrounds. It’s up to you really. Everything is done there. There is nothing to install on premise.

Configuring the screens

Once you’ve decided how you want things to work, you can configure your screens. Each screen requires either PoE (Power over Ethernet) or a 12v Power Supply and an internet connection, either via Ethernet or Wifi.

Each screen is configured with a unique short code generated on the Cloud Portal. This will tell the screen where to connect to, and you just need to enter the password for the room’s calendar on the screen to get up and running.


Mounting the screens

Once you’ve configured your screens, you’ll have to mount them at the room. As every office is different, we don’t supply the cabling, so you need to either fit power, or POE.

You can stick the screen to glass, or screw it securely to the wall. A mounting kit is included in the box. Now your screens are up and running, your users can self-register on the screen to make bookings.


Setting up mobile app

Your users can download the mobile app from their app store. To get started they must have registered their email address on a room screen, so we know who they are.

Then they just need to enter their email address in the app, and we send an email to their phone with a link that activates their mobile access.

That’s it.

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Setting up the Outlook Room Finder

You can download the Outlook Room Finder widget from Microsoft App Source. To activate the widget, users must have registered with their email on the room screen.

We will send them a unique activation code that get’s them up and running. The Outlook Room Finder widget connects to the Cloud to get room availability for the next 14 days – super fast.

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